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Hi, I’m Spike.  Born and bred in The Bronx but have been calling Hong Kong home for more than 14 years.    For 25 years, I’ve been doing the corporate MIS thing, but my interests range far beyond that – music, film, travel, food, photography, computers, gadgets, politics, social media, women….

Please check out my photo blog, Spike’s Photos.

I started Hongkie Town on December 4, 2004 over at Blogger.  Hongkietown was named one of the top ten English language blogs in Hong Kong by the South China Morning Post.

I made some major format and content changes to the blog in July 2006, and all of the content from July 14, 2006 through November 2009 has been brought over here to Hongkietown.com, which went live on November 19, 2009.

I used to write the “Spike” column at BC Magazine and you can look here for an index of many of my columns and articles there.

I’m also a partner and photographer at PASM Workshop, a revolutionary new concept for photo studios in Hong Kong.

You can follow me on Twitter here.   And a Facebook fan page is here.  Or reach me by email at hongkietown at gmail dot com.

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16 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. If you ever make it to Shenzhen I think you will really enjoy HH Gourmet. It is like a small deli, everything is made there. They have they own Pastrami, Corned Beef, Bagels, lox, and much more.

  2. I too am having PCCW pain and nightmares. Where else can we file formal complaints – aside from PCCW ….like a consumer rights site? Haven’t been able to find anything..
    Other thought is to write to the MD’s of PCCW directly, however I bet they won’t read nor respond nor do a thing about it. Monopolizers

  3. Hello,

    I believe your blog is the one.

    I have recently returned from a trip to Hong Kong and managed to capture some exciting street photography of the local crowd.

    They are going down a storm in the industry over in London but would love your blog to feature it.

    Here is a link to the shots and let me know your thoughts.


    It would be fantastic to share with the people of Hong Kong.

    Warm regards
    Chris Dodd

    1. Thanks. There are some lovely photos there. Why not send me a few of your personal favorites and I’ll do a blog post with a link back to your site.

  4. Hi, I read your post on “why am i still in Hong Kong”..and also read a bit of other stuff u post about your life. You seem to be bored of HK and at 56 dont know where to go next etc…well have u ever thought that maybe the reason for your boredom is not your job or your city or lifestyle…but the fact that u dont have a family…a wife and kids and something to look forward to…yes im sure u detest the idea of being married especially after being on ur own so long…but life is not all about hookups and changing cities. Ive lived in new york, london and paris…and im bored of all 3 of those cities in fact now i just want to settle with my partner in a quiet place and do things i enjoy doing…these fast paced cities are good but can be very lonely….and the are difficult to find a relationship too but not impossible.

    1. That is a very bizarre comment Globetrotter seeing as how I’m recently married (and living monogamously with the same person for more than 6 years prior to the marriage) and also not 56 years old. Thanks for the thought though.

  5. Hi there,
    Was wondering if you have any recommendations on your favorite DVD’s/ BluRays on concerts and live performances. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts, irrespective of genre..


    1. That would be an entire blog post, rather than just a quick response to a comment here. I’ll get to it one of these days I’m sure.

    1. Nice that they finally ran it. I tried that way a couple of times. It takes longer overall and generally no available seats.

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