Hong Kong is Now Fucked Into a Cocked Hat

Is Hong Kong going to hell?


Surely you don’t need me to tell you about what happened in Paris with Charlie Hebdo magazine – about the murders there and then the all-out police response that brought the murderers to justice in less than three days.

So what about Hong Kong, where unknown pieces of shit firebombed the office of Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily and the home of its publisher? And now, a police officer was run over by a man in a van after attempting to stop what appears to be a coordinated effort to steal copies of this newspaper from stalls in early morning hours as the paper is delivered.

Fortunately no one was killed.  At a very basic level, isn’t this the same thing as the Charlie Hebdo attack? A publication exercising the right for freedom of speech finding itself at the receiving end of violence because some people disagreed with what was written and were unable to respond in any way other than Neanderthal? Is the timing of this series of attacks pure coincidence? Or were the triads/billionaires/CCP inspired by events in France?

The cars that the firebombers used have been found, license plates removed. The police response to date has been, “the motive for the attacks was still under investigation.”  Given recent history in Hong Kong, one might safely assume that the firebombers were hired, that the firebombers might eventually be caught and sentenced, that those who hired them will never be known or revealed or tried in a court of law.

Meanwhile, Regina Ip, on the short list of people who might become the next governor (Chief Executive is such a stupid name) of Hong Kong and surely on the short list of biggest idiots in Hong Kong (which is how she got on the former list) has said, “oh, wait, we can’t assume that just because someone threw firebombs at a newspaper office and at the home of the newspaper’s owner and then sent people combing the city to steal copies of that newspaper that this is an attack on press freedom. Maybe it’s a, oh, I don’t know, a personal grudge.”

By the way, Article 27 of the Basic Law states, “Hong Kong residents shall have freedom of speech, of the press and of publication; freedom of association, of assembly, of procession and of demonstration; and the right and freedom to form and join trade unions, and to strike.”

But that hasn’t stopped Chinese authorities from telling HK companies that if they advertise in newspapers that support democracy that they may not be able to conduct business in China.

All of this violence and intimidation is disgraceful. It’s shoddy. It’s cheap. It’s small-minded. It is unbecoming to “Asia’s World City” and a global power. And these are not isolated incidents. They are part of a pattern of growing violence against media that does not toe the pro-Communist Party line.

Jimmy Lai’s aide Mark Simon:

“It’s just extremely disappointing that basically the only thing they got left is violence; that’s the case being made against peaceful democracy and civil disobedience. Nobody is making the argument anymore. They’re just throwing firebombs.”

It was less than a month ago that a top ranking CCP official said that Hong Kong is in need of “re-enlightenment” on “national identity”. In the past, “re-enlightenment” in China usually meant prison or forced labor. So there is that to look forward to.

This whole one country, two systems thing has been utter nonsense from the outset. President Ma Ying-Jeou of Taiwan: “If the system is good, then we believe it should be ‘one country, one system.” We have one country, two systems because one of those systems fucking sucks sweaty donkey balls, it always has sucked and it always will suck. China doesn’t have a clue as to how to manage Hong Kong and the world will keep its mouth shut as long they’re dependent on Chinese consumers to keep their economies afloat.

One of my favorite quotes from the film Ronin:

So what could have been conducted in collegial atmosphere is now fucked into cocked hat.


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  1. I bet the HK Police would investigate and find the culprits very quickly if offices Wei Wei Po, Tai Kung Po, Sing Tao Daily, or Oriental Publications are firebombed and United outcry for justice….instead of this total silence and stonewalling by the HK Police and HK Gov’t…

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