More Idiots in Hong Kong

So an anti-gay-rights pro-bigotry pro-hatred group called up 611 people and got 415.48 of them to agree with them. I wonder how those 611 were chosen and I wonder how the questions were phrased.

From today’s SCMP:

Almost 70 per cent of people believe society should tolerate anti-homosexual attitudes

The Family School Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance Concern Group, an anti-gay-rights group which commissioned the research, said the Equal Opportunities Commission should respect people’s opinions and halt a review of anti-discrimination laws which could extend protection to gay couples in a “de facto marriage”.

The survey, based on interviews with 611 adults, was conducted by Polytechnic University researchers in November.

Some 68 per cent of respondents agreed that society should tolerate different opinions, including those against homosexuality, while only 15 per cent disagreed, the study showed. And 57 per cent disagreed with the idea that schools should teach pupils that “both homosexual and heterosexual love are beautiful”.

At present, the city has no law against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.


Roger Wong Wai-ming, the head of the family school group, said the government and the EOC should not “deprive” people of their “freedom of speech” by passing laws to protect gay rights.

Yes, idiots should have the same right to freedom of speech as anyone else. But not if they are using those freedoms to deny the same freedoms to others.


A Short Rant About Hong Kong Taxes

I just paid my Hong Kong income tax for what will likely be the last time (because I’m leaving Hong Kong).

On the one hand, it’s easy to think about how low Hong Kong taxes are relative to most other places. It’s a flat tax, the entire form is four pages and most people do not need to hire an accountant to complete the form for them.

On the other hand, I think about John Tsang and where our tax dollars go and don’t go. (Tsang, btw, earns more than HK$3.6 million per year, as of 2013. He certainly doesn’t earn it.)

Hong Kong has amassed equity reserves that are the envy of the world. Every year, those reserves grow, because Hong Kong taxes are too high. It goes to the ludicrously unnecessary Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai bridge. It goes to that high speed rail that has gone way over budget and that no one needs. It went to that ridiculous new eyesore of a cruise ship terminal that even the cruise ship companies wouldn’t pay for.

It does not go to the elderly who scrounge through garbage bins looking for discarded beer cans and bits of cardboard that they can bring to a recycling center so that they can afford a tin of cat food for dinner. It does not go to the people in Hong Kong who are so poor that they live in cages in Sham Shui Po.

Taxes should be lowered – Hong Kong is in no danger of running out of money as the government makes huge amounts on real estate transactions and doesn’t need to spend money to support a military force – or the spending should ensure more equitable distribution. Raise the floor so that the minimum income for paying tax is higher and/or take some of those tens of billions of dollars sitting around and do something for the poor for a change.