What Should I Call My New Blog?

As I previously mentioned, when I make the move from Hong Kong to Manila, it won’t make much sense to continue under the “Hongkie Town” name/url. I thought I’d open it up and let you folks make some suggestions.  I’ve received two so far:

  • The Flip Side – that appeals to me but it’s too commonly used and isn’t available, unless I want to add a .ph to the domain name, which I’d rather not do.
  • Phili Bluster – not crazy about the “bluster”; thought about the alternative “Phili Buster” but I’m not Buster, I’m Spike! Plus given the alternate spellings, people might think it’s Fili or Filli or Philli – too confusing.

I’ve registered one domain so far – SpikeInManila.com – which isn’t especially clever but does pretty much tell you the story.

I’m open for other ideas. Any other suggestions?

19 thoughts on “What Should I Call My New Blog?”

  1. I’m not sure the domain name matters all that much. How many times does one type a URL in the browser these days? Today, it’s either a bookmark or a search. And for dinosaurs like me, RSS feeds.

    Having said that, it takes me a while to warm up to ‘cute’ names like PhiliBluster. One of my favourite photo bloggers is Hilda in Manila, which is the title of her blog, but not the URL. I kinda like Spike in Manila myself.

  2. I was trying to be clever, and was trying to come up with something to do with manilla rope and Spike. All I could come up with was Marlin Spike, which is a tool you would use to separate the strands on rope when splicing it, but that’s a little obtuse?

  3. SpikeInManila looks good…how about SpikeManila?
    These days I still type my url…found saved urls often become dead links…

      1. Really? My surname is four letters and yet, almost no-one either spells or, pronounces it correctly the first time. And, plenty of folks (Gary Vaynerchuk and David duChemin come to mind) have handled using their own, easy to misspell name online.

  4. Spike, good luck with your move. Been reading your blog on and off for years ever since I moved to HK.

    Blog title suggestions:
    Manila Notes (manilanotes.com)
    Manilapedia (manilapedia.com)
    or My Little Manila (inspired by HK band My Little Airport)

    Or, instead of phili buster/bluster, just: PhiliBlog.com

    You mentioned that you are selling this domain. Let me know if it hasn’t been sold yet, I’m interested in buying it.

      1. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner with a reply. After some thinking, I have decided that I will not make an offer for the domain.

        Since yearly registration is only about HK$60-80, why not renew it and just redirect it to wherever you move this content to, alternatively redirect it towards your new blog?

        But, if you simply just want to get it off your hands I’ll gladly buy it for a couple hundred dollars.

        I recommend you to check out studiopress.com. They offer a great framework + child theme wordpress theme solution. The Genesis framework works really well. The code is also by far the best of any premium wordpress theme providers out there, very clean and efficient.

        Their policy is that they do not restrict the use of their themes once you buy from them (you can build unlimited websites with their themes and sell them to clients), and I have bought their package which provides full access to all of their themes. So if you have interest in one or a couple of their themes , I’d be happy to email them to you, just let me know.

        1. No probs, it’s not as if I expected the world to rush to my door with megabucks offers. I’ve still got some time to figure out what the next step will be.

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