Advice Needed: Selling a Car in Hong Kong?

A lot of you have given me some great advice and tips in the past. Maybe someone can help me out here.

As you already know, I’m leaving Hong Kong soon and moving to Manila. One thing (among many) that I need to do before I leave is sell my car. Obviously I want to try and get as good a price as possible for it but when it comes right down to it, one way or another it needs to be sold within another month and hopefully sooner.

So I’ve got the post on this blog. I’ve got an ad on Chinese language web site Car8. (I was unable to post one on the other major Chinese site that I know of, 28 Car, because Google Translate doesn’t handle that site so well. I’ve got an ad on Craig’s List. I’ve posted the ad to the Facebook Hong Kong Buy & Sell group. I’m a bit hesitant to post on Asiaxpat or Geoxpat because they charge for ads (relatively small amounts though).

Given the (lack of) response I’ve had so far, I may have to bite the bullet and try to sell the car to a dealer. The problem with that is that I’ll get a lot less money – I’m assuming anywhere from 25-50% less than doing it by private sale. But I may have no other choice.

So my question is, which dealer or dealers would give me the fairest deal? I don’t want to spend weeks going around from dealer to dealer, automall to automall, to get the best possible price. Years ago I sold off some cars to European Motors up in Sai Kung and I know they gave me a good no-bullshit deal, but the guy who had that business passed away.

So – used car dealers along Kam Tin Road? Automalls in Kowloon Bay? Wanchai? Tsuen Wan? The used car shops in Tin Hau? Consignment via CarCity? An ad in the SCMP?  Can anyone recommend (or recommend avoiding) anyone?

Thanks for any tips or ideas!

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  1. Get a local to help you put it on 28car and price it to sell. You will shift it very quick as gti are still very desirable. You’ll get 30k more for it at least this way.

  2. Spike,
    Before I left HK for the Philippines last April, I bit the bullet and paid for the Asia Expat ad to sell my two cars, a Mercedes SLK and an Opel Vectra. I got a fair price for both and sold them both within 2 weeks about a month before I departed. It was worth the HK$200 ad price having not to worry about dumping them for nothing at the end.

  3. I can’t help on who to go to although I would give European Motors a try as I felt the remaining staff I spoke to were honest. Disclaimer-was quite some time ago.

    Avoid like the plague any car dealership in Tin Hau, especially if the name begins with a V. Biggest bunch of crooks in HK, proven by the fact that V. himself is jail bait.

    If you do get interest privately be prepared for endless haggling and time wasting. Good luck.

  4. Asiaxpat is the way to go. It might not sell quickly but it will sell if you price it right. I sold my car on that site and the buyer did not haggle since it was aggressively priced. I did get some calls right after my listing, where I got low ball offers. Ignore them and wait for the right/serious buyer. It took me 3 to 4 weeks to sell the car.

    I wish you all the best in Manila. We’ve never met but I enjoyed reading your posts. I’m a New Yorker who has been in HK for 5 years. My mom is 86 yo and lives alone in Manhattan. I skype with her all the time. I get you — Good Luck!

    1. Thanks James.

      Looks like a few votes for Asiaxpat so will be trying that, thanks everyone for the advice.

  5. I used to know a car dealer in Sai Kung called Paul Gross(e?). He might be still around but I don’t know the name of his company.

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