Now I Feel Dumb(er than usual)


So I got my iPhone 6 on Wednesday. On Friday morning, I dropped it. It dropped onto the pavement, screen side down. The above is the result.

Well, okay, people drop stuff every day. Just my bad luck that I dropped an iPhone that was only three days old. Made somewhat worse by the fact that I managed to lose my iPhone 5s less than two months ago (though I never spent any money to replace it, knowing the iPhone 6 would be coming soon).

Here’s the painful part. When I bought the phone, I bought one of those oversized Otter cases (the Otter Commuter). It’s a case that has one case within another case and edges that extend higher than the phone screen for maximum protection.

Then on Thursday I decided that case was too chunky in my pocket and got a cheapo slim plastic case. If I’d still been using that Otter case on Friday, probably the phone would have survived the drop just fine. (And no, I don’t mean this to be an advertisement.)

No, I didn’t want to go to Mong Kok and get some cheapie repair job done. Not for the screen, which is so important. And who knows if those shops even have spare parts (original or otherwise) for the iPhone 6 yet?

So I called Apple support. I was told that I couldn’t just walk into a store with the broken phone, I needed an appointment. Then the guy on the phone couldn’t locate the Hong Kong Apple stores (because the call center isn’t in HK, naturally). He asked me for my postal code. So I told him where the stores were. And all 3 Apple stores in HK are fully booked for the next 6 days (no big surprise really), which is as far in advance as that system can show.

Apple has third party authorized service centers, so the support guy gave me the details on those. I called them first to get the story. They’re not doing replacement parts, they’re just issuing new phones. And I would have to pay HK$2,920. And wait 3 business days. Well, either that or junking the thing, so of course I’m going to go for it. (And, when you think about it, it’s a decent enough deal that I can pay roughly 40% of the original price to get a new one when I’m the one who messed up the original.)

I get to the repair place. I go to the counter and show the girl the back of my phone first. “iPhone 6!” Then I turn it around and point at the screen. Her mouth drops open. I ask, “Am I the first?” And they all laugh.

Then the girl panics. I’m guessing she’s used to dealing with yelling foreigners and has already anticipated my response when she tells me what I have to pay. So I look at her and say, “I already know.” She lets out a huge sigh of relief.

So now … waiting for the call to get the replacement. And not going to cheap out on the case for the next one.


5 thoughts on “Now I Feel Dumb(er than usual)”

  1. Ouch – that hurts. Sorry to hear your story!

    I would consider heading to Sin Tat anyway – if they don’t have the screen then they don’t have it.

    If they don’t have it, just wait a short time and they will – and it will be a lot cheaper than 3k.

  2. I’ve already dropped mine,too-it’s a thin, slippery @#$%^&. Good thing I dropped it on a grassy lawn-no damage.

  3. Broken screens argh! Getting it out of the otter case underlines my experience just in different order. I’m getting mine into one after I thought I’d be fine without one. Lesson learned the hard way.

    I dropped my HTC One (M8) too recently. Had the case following the HTC package, and that helped nada. Only myself to blame in the end, I know, but never has a single scratch or anything on my older phones.

    It has Gorilla 3 glass (isn’t that the same IP6 use?), and it already had scratches and a single line broken glass at the top right corner. Never seen that on my older phones (HTC Incredible S, Samsung G S3 both without protective film or special cases). I conclude that the screen is just too big and the phone too flat/bendy to avoid glass problems, unless you over baby it and use extra solid covers. So now I bought that and live with a thicker phone. It just sucks.

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