PCCW – Is My Long Wait Almost Over?

On Thursday I had a missed call from PCCW, a “duty manager” saying that they could install my Netvigator internet service. I called the guy back 4 times today and got voicemail 4 times. Finally he called me back after 9 PM.

He said there was now one line to the house and that they could install the internet service now and the NOW-TV and land line later. How much later? He didn’t know.

So I said to him, if there’s just one line, do the NOW-TV first and I’ll wait for the internet. He said, the line is not the right kind of line for the NOW-TV and if I want that first I have to wait for them to change the line. How much longer would I have to wait?

Then he typed for awhile and said, “Oh, it’s okay, we can use that line for the NOW-TV.” Then he typed some more and said, “Oh, it’s okay, we can install the Internet and the NOW-TV at the same time.”

Which is going to be this Sunday morning. If it really happens.

And as it happens, Sunday morning is when I’m flying off to the U.S. Odds are I won’t be here when the installation dude shows up. But my gf is thrilled – now she’ll have her GMA-TV again and she can watch Eat Bulaga* every day while I’m away – and after I get back too.

In terms of the Internet, Netvigator’s service will be 2 to 3 times slower than the 4G service I’ve been using for the past 8 months. But the 4G service is volatile, for lack of a better word. Some days it’s slick and silky, but others not so much. In the past week it’s been very unstable, cutting out frequently and often slowing down. Presumably Netvigator will be more consistent, even if it’s just a crappy 8 Mbps compared to the 1,000 Mbps people in the more urban areas of HK receive – at the same price.

* Presumably they won’t be mentioning the scandal or sex tape featuring Eat Bulaga’s rotund (and married) Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh Rivera, but it’s on Youtube for anyone who cares to dig around a bit.


4 thoughts on “PCCW – Is My Long Wait Almost Over?”

  1. I too live outside the urban area, and have been running 3 desktop PCs (2 people) off 1 ADSL connection for ages, while wondering whether to try out 4G as well, so was interested to hear that 4G is much faster some of the time. I’d be interested to hear which 4G company you use and whether they allow short-term contracts.

    PCCW told me 2 ADSL connections could come down the same line without any loss of bandwith. There are even boxes to combine the signals advertised in PC magazines, but I understand they don’t work very well.

    In my case, the telephone and Netvigator (and if required Now TV) come down the same line, and are split just before the ADSL modem, so either the duty manager was telling porkies or your telephone exchange or something is different.

    The Netvigator is very reliable, allowing 6 mB usage 24/7, and they’re good at replacing the modem every time it’s struck by lightning.

    1. I’m using SmarTone. I believe I’m on a one year contract with them. I went for the contract because that gave me the 4G USB modem for free.Of course coverage varies from place to place, so you need some way to test out which provider offers the best coverage where you live.

      As you know, Netvigator offers just an 8 Mbps connection in the villages, and for me all I ever got was 5 Mbps and they apparently have zero plans to upgrade the service. My 4G service, when it’s working properly, gives me 15-20 Mbps. But 4G service is impacted by a lot of factors – everything from that 5 gig “fair usage limit” to signal strength variations depending on dozens of factors around me over which I have no control. I may try out bridging the Netvigator and SmarTone connections. If I can get that to work

  2. I’m near Sha Tau Kok, with mountains to the south and east, but we do pick up HDTV using a rooftop antenna and 2G and 3G work fine in the village but not on the main road.

    Yes, 6 or 7 Mb isn’t quite enough to stream HD, which is annoying. Bridging Netvigator and 4G must be the way to go but even if it works, to avoid horrendous bills you still have to make Netvigator the default service, with 4G only kicking in when required — and when it’s working — either that or use different services for different PCs.

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