Taipei Taxi Talk


I don’t get too many taxi drivers in Taipei who speak much English.  When I do, the conversations are often memorable. Like last night, when I got in a taxi and asked him to take me to Carnegie’s.

Taxi Driver: Jazz bar?  Piano bar?

Me: I don’t think so.

TD: You will sing there?

Me: No, I have a terrible voice.

TD: I don’t think so. I think you have a wonderful voice. Have you ever heard of the singer Neil Diamond?

Me: Yes.

TD: I think your voice sounds just like his.

Me:  Um ….

TD: I think when Neil Diamond was young, he was very handsome.  Is he a Christian?

Me: I’m not sure. [He was born Jewish.]  But most Americans are Christians.

TD: Like Dolly Parton?  Johnny Cash!

Me:  Yes, they’re Christian.

TD: Whitney Houston!

Me: Yes.

TD: She was very beautiful.

Me: She was very sexy. So sad.

TD: I think you have a very kind heart.

Me: Thank you.

And we arrive at the bar.  The meter says NT$105 and he says I should just give him 100.

Me: Are you sure? Thank you!

TD:  God bless you.

Me: Thank you.

TD: God bless you.

Me; Take care. Have a good night.

TD: God bless you.

Okay, maybe you had to be there.