Jackie Chan On the Calls for Boycott


It seems that I’m not the only one who thinks that a Hong Kong boycott of Jackie Chan’s latest film, CZ12, would be appropriate given his recent anti-Hong Kong and anti-freedom of speech remarks. Wang Dan, someone who can command a much wider audience than me, has also called for a boycott.

Over at HKSAR Film No Top 10 Box Office there’s a post called Jackie Chan Does Not Mind the Call for Boycott.

Jackie Chan said, “Please don’t be this way, everyone has the freedom of speech. Everyone can disagree with my opinion, and I would respect other people’s opinions.”

I don’t get the “Please don’t be this way.”  If everyone has freedom of speech in Hong Kong and everyone can disagree with his opinion, why should people change their minds simply because Jackie has said, “Please.”  I get the impression that Jackie simply doesn’t understand that what he has been saying represents a call for a limit to freedom of speech and expression and that he doesn’t understand why that might upset a number of people.

But money trumps everything and CZ12 is doing quite well at the box office and so the boycott doesn’t worry him.

He was not worried about CZ12’s box office and even boasted, “My movie made 600 million in the Mainland, just yesterday it made 53 million. It is also the Southeast Asia box office champion, which anyone should be able to look up. I don’t know how much it made in Hong Kong. Everyone has the right to watch me or not watch me, I don’t care.”

To be fair to Jackie, he also recently donated 500 down jackets to the Salvation Army in Hong Kong and is donating another 10,000 in Hebei province.



2 thoughts on “Jackie Chan On the Calls for Boycott

  1. mumphLT

    He also supports a charity in Myanmar for orphans & children suffering from HIV / AIDs (a charity our company is currently investigating with regard ourselves being a regular sponsor) so he ain’t all bad.

    But he’s either got to keep his gob shut or learn a little bit of sensitivity about negative comments about freedom. Especially when he has benefited greatly from being free to do what he wants, where he wants – even to the extent of making shit movies in the USA.

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