New Place Found!

Well, that was quick.  We found our new place, put down the deposit and the landlord signed the contract.  We’ll do the lease in a few days and move in right before or right after Chinese New Year.  It’s in Lam Tsuen, roughly near the famous Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees and also quite close to the Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Gardens.

An agent called us on Sunday, we went over on Monday and pretty much as soon as we saw the place, we knew it was right for us.  The village house is practically brand new.  (We’ll have the bottom two floors, not the whole house.) They built a huge wooden deck in front of the house, sort of American style, while the side of the house has a huge walled-in patio complete with an outdoor kitchen – sink, cabinets, counter space.  It’s a five minute walk out to the main road and about a ten minute mini-bus ride to the MTR.  I don’t think we could have found better on our budget.

One thing I’m really looking forward to as a photographer – our new village has this long row of really old Chinese houses.  Some of them look abandoned and overgrown, others are still lived in.

Fullscreen capture 182013 123917 AM

Fullscreen capture 182013 123619 AM

These are shots taken from Google Street View.  But you can bet I’ll be taking plenty of my own photos once we move there. They’re quite old but I’m guessing it might not be long until someone tears them down and puts more modern houses in their place.

This is roughly the view we’ll have, again taken from Google Street View:

Fullscreen capture 182013 123811 AM

Oh, wait, here’s the view from the balcony, photo taken with an iPad:


As sad as we’ll be to be leaving Sai Kung, we’re really looking forward to getting into this place, getting it fixed up and exploring Tai Po and the surrounding area.