4 thoughts on “The New Sony RX1 – Plam Size

  1. M

    Actually Sony have been fucking up their spelling for a while. On the MTR in Wanchai coming out up to the immigration walk way there is a series of Sony ads for their new touchscreen laptop. Apparently it’s really good for “writting”: I haven’t managed to get a pic but if I do I shall send it over.

  2. Jimmy

    It looks amazing. It looks like the 2nd coming of cameras. But my goody-two-shoes! At $2800 (thats nearly $22K HK), it should come with a glass of lemonade and a monkey in a butler’s uniform. Thats a lot for a camera!

    1. Spike Post author

      I think that given the market and given the competition, the price for this camera is reasonable. Keep in mind that a Leica with a 35mm lens will set you back at least 3 times as much, maybe 4. And that’s the market I think they’re going after.

      The pros of the camera are obvious: full frame sensor in something that will fit in a jacket pocket, the lens is probably excellent, built-in flash that should actually be useful.

      versus negatives, as I see them:

      Actual cost of camera will probably be closer to US$4,000 by the time you buy an EVF, lens hood, spare battery, maybe a better thumb grip. At this price, I think the lens should have been F1.4 instead of F2.0. Shutter speed is limited at wider apertures (which won’t affect most people).

      If I had a job, I’d probably be one of the first in line to buy this.

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