Hong Kong 7’s 2013 Tickets


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If you’re looking for tickets for 2013’s Hong Kong Rugby 7’s, always an instant sell-out, there’s a new lottery system in place for HK Residents.  Go to the Hong Kong 7’s web site and you can register your details between December 13th 2012 and February 4 2013 for a “public ballot”, aka lottery, to be held on February 7th.  There are 4,000 seats available via this system.

Note that you can only register once and if you “win” you are only entitled to buy 2 tickets.  You’ll then have from February 8th to February 22nd to confirm and pay for your tickets.  A second drawing will be held on February 25th for any tickets unclaimed from the original drawing.

Perhaps this will be an improvement on previous years when the web site collapsed under the weight of all the people trying to buy tickets online the moment they went on sale.  Or perhaps not.


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