Hong Kong Doesn’t Meet Its Own Air Quality Standards


From the SCMP this afternoon:

Hong Kong has never met the air quality targets it adopted 25 years ago, according to an Audit Commission report released on Wednesday that reviewed the government’s efforts to improve air quality.

The unsatisfactory results came despite adopting, since 1997, 16 major emission control measures, including the replacement diesel fuelled vehicles with those powered by liquefied petroleum gas, the requirement that newly registered cars be greener models and the introduction of emission caps on power plants.

The commission also noted that the Environmental Protection Department had failed to achieve a performance target that the air pollution index not exceed the “very high” health risk level of 100 on any day of the year.

However, the number of days with an API level over 100 showed an upward trend over the past five years, rising by 136 per cent from 74 days in 2007 to 175 last year.

Just wait.  Three days from now there will be a letter in the SCMP from Pierce Lam claiming that these are colonial standards and not Chinese standards.


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  1. HKP

    People seem think of air pollution as an intractable problem, but Los Angeles went from having over 100 stage 1 smog alerts each year in the 1970s, to almost none now. This despite a drastic increase in population.

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