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Since I can’t sleep and since I know this is the first place you turn to for Apple news, here’s a wrap-up of today’s announcements.

iPad Mini

Pretty much as expected.  A seven inch diagonal screen tablet, released in my opinion solely because others are gaining foothold against Apple with tablets this size.  Like the “full size” iPad, this is available in 6 configurations – memory of 16, 32 or 64 gig; WiFi only or WiFi plus cellular.  Pricing runs from US$329 to US$659.  For Hong Kong, pre-orders start this Friday.

I think this would have absolutely killed if it had the Retina display.

iPad 4

This was somewhat unexpected.  There had been talk about a newer version with the Lightning connector.  Apple also threw in some other tweaks, including a faster processor.

Pricing remains identical to the iPad 3, ranging from US$499 to US$829.  Contrary to rumors, the iPad 2 remains available, but just two 16 gig models, now $399 and $529.  There will be lots of reconditioned iPad 3’s available for sale.  (So, for example a 64 gig WiFi + cellular iPad 3 will run $679.)  For Hong Kong, pre-orders start this Friday.  Some reconditioned iPad 3’s are already available online for purchase.

Note that if you purchased your iPad 3 in the last 3o days, some Apple stores (no word on HK stores) will allow exchanges for the newer model.

MacBook Pro

The 13 inch laptop will now have a Retina display option.  It comes with a 2.5 GHz Core i5 chip (optional bump to 2.9 GHz Core i7), 8 gig of RAM, and a base of 128 gig (upgradeable at time of purchase only) of flash storage.  Base prices are US$1699 and US$1999. Weight is 3.57 pounds.  This is immediately available, the HK Apple store shows this as being in stock, though I expect that to change quickly.

I love my 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.  Would I down shift to the 13 inch?  While I’d appreciate the lighter machine, having the larger screen seems more important to me at the moment.




This is the killer release for me, a real thing of beauty.  It is almost insanely thin and while it’s not “Retina display” it’s pretty close.  The 21 inch model starts at US$1,299 and the 27 inch model starts at US$1,799.  One interesting new thing inside this is what Apple is calling a hybrid fusion drive – a disk drive that’s part physical disk and part SSD, with software that “learns” what apps you use the most and moves those automatically to the SSD.

Of everything Apple released today, this one is the most tempting to me.  (However, I’m gonna stick it out with my Windows desktop PC for awhile longer, though maybe at some point swap out my 24 inch monitor for a 27 inch one.  I’m in no rush to upgrade to Windows 8.)

The 21.5 inch iMac will be available in November, the 27 inch in December.

So – any of this gear excite you?  Who is planning on buying what?


6 thoughts on “What’s New From Apple

  1. M

    Pretty underwhelmed to be honest – am looking for a new phone/tablet combo (or single device) as now I still have the unbeatable (IMHO) BB Bold touchscreen which is mega fast for email/calc/company CRM system (the 3 things I use most) and has great integration across these apps – my colleagues using iphone are insanely slow comparatively – google integration? But they can actually see internets – the screen on mine wayy too small (but yes, I like the kb). For tablet I use an ipad 2 for presentations and fucking around and its OK but using it for notes – nah soft keyboard is shite – I still use my trusty old pen and paper and have evernote for personal stuff. And the camera/video are just horrible for anything except videoconf. Am really waiting to see if RIM can pull off a miracle – I hope so – email is by far and away the #1 thing for me and they do that so well – and the MS tablet with keyboard could also be interesting. Can’t really get excited about Android – yeah its a bit cheaper and the devices look alright but I struggle to see whats so much better I should change. In summation – was hoping Apple would come up with a real whizz bang must have for me to spend my money NOW, but they have come up with nothing really interesting and certainly based on the email performance of iphone I just cannot change. That said, open to suggestions from people that know these things.

  2. hong

    The imac is not as skinny as it looks, there is a bulge in the back…you will notice most of the pictures just looks skinny. It’s an illusion

  3. U II

    > Hong. Agreed. iMac thinness is BS.

    iMac Mini does nothing better, and most things worse, than my 1-year-old Galaxy Note.

    Apple’s proprietary SSD configuration makes me want to avoid MacBook Pros like the plague. I have two, a 15″ and a 17″, the latter of which I upgraded with a SSD and it is like a new computer. I’ll be doing the same with the 15″ (which I’m on now). Apple just want to screw you for a new machine when you want to upgrade, just as they do by charging you US$100 for an additional 32GB of RAM on their phones and tablets.

    I have 3 black and white Macintosh Classics, I have liked Apple for over 20 years, but now? Screw them. They are happy to screw their customers after all. Apple say, you want USB? Pay me. You want more memory? Pay me, and we’re going to build-in obsolescence at a quicker rate than Android. Ha! You’re still buying!

    And God help you when you’ve had enough, because you’ve already built your walled-garden (aka PRISON) with your apps and iTunes music (which isn’t yours… when you die, you can’t pass it to anyone, you paid CD prices to simply borrow it).

    Logic screams sell Apple shares short. Unfortunately the bell-curve of average mentality and human herd instinct means that it is still too early. If they continue to have a fvck-the-customer ideology, their time will surely come.

  4. hong

    Also on the retina display macbook pro, you cannot upgrade, memory is soldered into the logic board. I got rid of my ipad, looking at the surface..i still like the iphone though ;)

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