The Wanch 25th Anniversary Parties!


The Wanch is a small bar in Wanchai featuring live music seven nights a week with no cover charge.  “Historic, friendly, hassle-free, unpretentious and international” is how they describe themselves and  I’ve been going there since 1995.  While it’s mostly cover bands these days, they get some really talented musicians in there.  These are guys who are doing this for love, not money.

It may be hard to believe but The Wanch is now 25 years old.  They’re celebrating their 25th anniversary with a series of parties and special gigs all week long.

Friday night (tonight) will be  a party celebrating the release of their latest compilation CD with live performances from The Bastards, The Sleeves and The Delfino Trio.

Saturday night’s line-up features The Not So Great Rock ‘n Roll Swindlers, Sparx and Don’t Panic.  They’re also promising an appearance by the original owner, BBQ and lord knows what else or who else.

To top it off, they’ve made the smart decision to hire me to be the official photographer for both nights.  I would have gone there anyway but now I’ll have double the fun.


7 thoughts on “The Wanch 25th Anniversary Parties!

  1. Combover

    I’m confused. You have been going there since ’95 but they are only having their 25th anniversary.

    I also remember going there whilst on a stopover in HK in November ’94, and it was pretty well established even then.

  2. the swil

    I went to the Wanch on my first day in HK 19th November 1993. I totally fell in love with it then. Still the same now but less smoke !

  3. Skippy-san

    15 or 25 years-just so long as they are open when I come to HK this spring. I went to the Wanch on my first trip to Hong Kong and every one thereafter.

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