Hurry Up and Wait


Okay, the first one’s not so insane, the second one is kind of bonkers.

I went over to the Nikon service center in Mong Kok today to get my D800 sensor cleaned.  (38th floor of Langham Place, just in case you’re curious.)  HK$150 plus they have some cameras mounted with huge zoom lenses pointing out those 38th floor windows, it’s kind of neat (except on grey days like today).

While there, I figured I’d ask them to check out my camera.  There have been widely reported auto focus issues and I wanted to know if my camera was affected by that and indeed it was. They told me that mine was “slightly off” and that if I wanted to leave it with them to be fixed, it would take about two weeks.   I couldn’t go for that because I’m booked for shoots for Friday and Saturday night and need the camera for it, plus two weeks seemed like a very long time, especially because I don’t have a second Nikon body to fall back on.  I asked why it takes so long and was told that they have to send it over to the Tai Koo Shing service center and they “need to wait for delivery.”  For those of you not in HK, Tai Koo Shing is about 30 minutes from Mong Kok.  I asked if it would be quicker if I brought it there myself and they said “probably.”  So I’ll do that next week.

While in Mong Kok, I stopped into a Tissot shop.  I’ve got one of those Tissot T-Touch watches, first generation I think, and the battery died a long time ago.  My gf tried taking it to a local shop in Sai Kung where they do watch batteries and they said they couldn’t do that one.  So I went to the Tissot shop at Langham Place and they said they’d need to send it to the repair center.  How long would it take?  “Maybe 6 to 8 weeks.”  6 to 8 weeks to change a battery?  Somehow I managed to not say to the guy, “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” because he was very polite.  I got the same story that Nikon gave me – they have to wait for the delivery service.  No, I didn’t ask if the service was taking the polar route to get across the harbor.   Instead I asked if it would be quicker if I bring it to the repair center myself and he said “probably.”  And their repair center is right next door to Tai Koo, in Quarry Bay.  So I can drop off both the watch and the camera off on the same trip.

But really – 6 to 8 WEEKS to change a battery???????


5 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. mumphLT

    They don’t want you to change the battery – they want you to buy a new watch.

    The delivery thing – the local courier I use picks up within 3 hours of calling and delivers to anywhere in HK in a day. So – what are they using…?

  2. David

    I had a similar experience. A pin snapped on the band in my Omega watch. I went into Emperor watch in Central to ask about getting it fixed. They said it would be close to $1,000 and 4 to 6 weeks as the watch would have to be sent out to Omega. (The pin is like a $0.50 piece).

    I asked if it would be faster if I just went to Omega and then said probably. I was about to go over to get it fixed at Ricky’s in TST as I wasn’t paying $1,000 for what I figured a trip acros the harbour would cost me $50 to $100 but stopped by the Omega shop in Central. They put a new pin in on the spot for me and did it for free (both labour and the $0.50 pin).

    4 to 6 weeks and $1,000 – sheesh. I almost went back to Emperor watch to give the clerk I dealt with a piece of my mind but decided against it.

    1. Spike Post author

      I’ve yet to bring it there. I need to work out a period where I can be without it for potentially a couple of weeks. I’ve got shoots coming up potentially each of the next 3 weeks and so I’m thinking middle to end of December might be the right time for it.

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