Hong Kong’s Violent Campaign


I just saw this post over at Dictionary of Politically Incorrect Hong Kong Cantonese and want to share a bit of it with you.  There’s a political party in Hong Kong called the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions aka the FTU, one of Hong Kong’s many inexplicably pro-Beijing parties.  One of the people in this party running for election on September 9th is Wong Kwok-Hing, who in the past has run for both the FTU and the despicable DAB.  Here’s his campaign poster.

Yeah, that’s right, he’s holding what appears to be an assault rifle and the tagline says “See you there!”  The words “bad taste” don’t begin to describe it in any event but especially in light of recent shootings in the U.S.  No, I don’t want to see you any fucking where, especially if you’re bringing your “little friend” along.

What the hell is anyone supposed to make of this poster?

“Strive for paying to those, who work hard, fair and equitably.”  What the fuck dude?  Aside from the horrible grammar, that’s how you intend to get paid, with a gun?

Ah, girls with guns, a proven turn-on for people with serious mental health problems.

This is sick shit (and I say this as the world’s biggest fan of Sam Peckinpah movies) and has no place in an election in a civilized society.


3 thoughts on “Hong Kong’s Violent Campaign


    Yes this is SERIOUSLY very bad campaigning. They have so many adverts about “vote rigging” etc. But this ? Terrible & why nobody interferes in that kind of campaigning ? What if young children see this ( I say this because it seems nowadays kids are like SUPERSTARS here in HK). Good influence – ha ?

  2. mumphLT

    Really is unacceptable:
    a) What numpty actually thought of this, who approved it and why? They should be called to answer for it.
    b) Isn’t this covered by legislation governing campaigning & if not why not?

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