Two D-OH! Moments

Two small things, maybe someone will get a chuckle, maybe not, but what the hell.

#1 – I hate my work laptop and I never bring it home with me.  I just dump files back and forth using Dropbox.  At home, for some reason, I never bothered to get MS Office for my desktop PC but I did buy it for my MacBook Air.  I spent a good part of Sunday working on a report for work.  I saved the file into the Dropbox folder, made certain it was there, and then closed the cover on the MBA.  Yeah, you can probably guess what happened.  I got into work on Monday morning, went to open the file and found that it was the version from Saturday, when I’d hardly done any work on it at all.  I hadn’t waited for Dropbox to sync before shutting down the MBA.  Oh no!  Would I have to travel all the way home and back to get the proper file?  Would I have to redo from memory all the work I’d done on Sunday?  Nope.  I called my helper.  Told her to lift the lid on the MBA and make sure the screen came on.  One minute later, Dropbox synced and I had the file.  Just a cautionary tale for anyone who might need it.

#2 – After work today I was going to meet a friend at his office.  I hopped into a taxi and in my miserably toneless Cantonese told the driver Wanzai Bok.  Of course, me being white, he thought I said “Wanchai Bar.”  When I looked up from my Crackberry, instead of seeing Harbour Road I saw he was headed down Queensway past Pacific Place and asking if he should make a left turn down Arsenal Street.  “No, Wanzai Bok!”  “Yes, Wanchai Bar!  Lo Hart Do!  Happy Hour!  Girls!”  “Not Bar.  Bok. Wanchai North.  Bok.”  “Oh.  So sorry.  So sorry.  Sorry monkey.”  Yes, I could swear he said “sorry monkey.”  However I’m not sure if by “monkey” he was referring to himself or to me.  I suspect it was me.