Miss Hong Kong 2011


And here she is, the winner of the Miss Hong Kong 2011 pageant, Rebecca Zhu.

Looks like the judges made the right choice, no?

Here’s the first runner up, Hyman Chu.

That’s right.  A woman named Hyman.  [Insert your own jokes here.]

Here’s second runner up Whitney Hui.

She looks sassy.  (Sorry, very tired, that’s the only word that came to mind.)

Pics and results from here.


6 thoughts on “Miss Hong Kong 2011


    Are they really that good looking ? And a girl from Zheijiang Province is now Miss Hong Kong ? Oh no …………………………….Or was it Jiangsiu Province – doesn’t matter. Did you see the part of the show with all there mothers showing up ? All crying like nuts – only one was not crying – I guess she got nothing …………….

  2. HKSARblog

    Thanks Spike for giving me more novel names for my list.

    BTW, I am surprised no one has commented on the “healthiness” of the girls. Rebecca Zhu appears to have a well-conditioned healthy body, whereas the two girls with Hong Kong surnames look ungainly and poorly conditioned. It’s probably a safe bet that the two runner-ups do less (or no) exercise relative to the winner. This is also probably a good reflection of the “healthiness” of Hong Kong girls in general.

  3. Jim

    Riding bicycles is the answer for the mainland girls. Creates beautiful nicely conditioned legs. Beijing in Summer may be hot but the scenery is very good.

  4. Jim

    Rebecca has a bit of an odd face.

    Actually I have seem many better looking normal girls just walking around town. They just were not wearling bikinis.

  5. HKSARblog

    I took the liberty of blogging about the “healthiness” of the Miss Hong Kong contestants. IMHO, many contestants appeared unattractive, unhealthy and unconditioned. Alas, there is not much one can do about the first trait (shy of cosmetic surgery), but there are effective ways to do something about the second and third characteristics.

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