PCCW Pocket WiFi for Sale


ARGH!!!! One day after buying a new Pocket WiFi unit from PCCW to replace the one I lost, I find the one I lost.  Don’t ask.  It’s too aggravating to detail.

But that does leave me with two devices and I only need one, so I am going to sell one off.  You can take a look at the Netvigator Everywhere page here.

This provides WiFi connectivity for up to 5 devices anywhere in Hong Kong.  It works in bars and restaurants.  It works hiking in the woods.  It works in the car and in the MTR – basically anywhere that there is a cellular signal.  7.2 meg connectivity, connect up to five devices at once wirelessly and you have the option to connect it to your PC or laptop with the included USB cable.  It’s roughly the same height and width but half the thickness of a pack of smokes.  The battery recharges via a separate charger or USB.

New, this sells for $2480, as I found out last night.  You may establish an account and get a SIM card from PCCW (HK$328 per month for unlimited usage) or it may be compatible with other SIM cards and services; I can’t say.  If anyone’s interested, you can buy this from me for $2,000.  Post a comment or send an email to hongkietown at gmail dot com.


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