Still alive

Yes, still alive, barely. Have stopped taking the painkillers but some times feel like I should be starting up with them again, other times feeling almost ready to tackle something more difficult than a piece of fish or some rice. Back to the doctor on Friday, back home on Saturday.

Hua Hin was okay only. The hotel I stayed in, the Wora Bura Resort, was beautiful and great service. Each room was named after a different province in Thailand and is supposedly decorated with things unique to that particular province. The pool was great and the staff was incredibly helpful, even for Thailand. But it was just too damn far away from any place else. Unfortunately the places I wanted, more centrally located, were either fully booked, only had expensive suites, or couldn’t guarantee a decent sized bed. Plus the surgery I’d had limited my eating options, so I couldn’t really check out some of the restaurants that might have been a cut or two above the norm. If I do ever go back, gotta either stay at the Hilton or Sofitel or rent a bike or both. The weather there is quite nice, the beach is not swarming with hawkers. I wouldn’t call it my favorite place in Thailand by a long shot, but it’s far better than my least favorite place in Thailand – Pattaya, yuck.

Now I’m back in Bangkok, have got a little bit of a head cold it seems, and am just gonna take it easy for the next couple of days.