Every time I travel I forget to pack one thing, naturally it’s a different thing each time. I make packing lists but this time I forgot to look at the list and forgot to pack two things.

Forgot my mouse, stuck using this little red dot on the Thinkpad which is horrible for doing anything real.

And forgot my iPod speakers, which also double as a charger.

So I went to MBK, got a cheap USB cable for the ipod for charging and also a cheap video cable – miniplug to 3 RCA jacks – figuring I’d just plug the ipod into the TV for listening. And for some reason forgot to buy a mouse.

But the TV here is weird. It’s one of the older 42 inch plasmas where all of the electronics are in a separate box, and that separate box is attached to cables that are too short to allow me to pull it out and examine the back.

I tried plugging the cables into the Aux input on the TV but nothing. Then plugged the audio jacks into the audio line for the DVD, but I have to turn the DVD player on for some reason for this to work. And the DVD player has an auto-shut-off after 10 minutes of non-use, so I can only get 10 minutes of music at a time through the TV speakers. Argh.

Almost ready for solid food today. Started new tattoo last night. Some of you will recognize this I’m sure:

(minus the red frame, of course) While I’ve always liked this album, I’ve also always really loved this symbol separate and apart from the album. May later add a few stars or planets or comets or something around it …

Off to Hua Hin tomorrow.