Day after day of eating fish and I reached my limit last night. I knew I needed meat. And I knew it was too soon for me to attempt a steak. So I did the unthinkable – in Bangkok and had dinner at Tony Roma. Well, it was something that I could handle in my current state. Though afterwards in a bar, just two drinks and I felt like I was going to throw up and I knew it wasn’t from the drinks.

Every time I go to Tony Roma – perhaps once or twice a year out of desperation – I recall the amazing barbecue that I had when I lived in the US. When I lived in NYC, there used to be a place in Soho (maybe it’s still there, no idea) called Tennessee Mountain, that did proper barbecue, slow cooked all day, great thick sauces. And there was another place in the village called Acme that did all sorts of southern cooking. Their walls were lined with a hundred different hot sauces – order your food, walk around the place, pull 5 or 10 jars off the wall to try. They did the best chicken fried steak and lumpy mashed potatos I’ve ever had. (I’ve yet to find a place in HK that even attempts chicken fried steak, I guess I should teach myself how to make it.) And they had a bar downstairs called Under Acme with cranking indie bands.

One time in my life I went to Kansas City, on business, just for one night. On the flight over, I was drooling thinking of the barbecue dinner that was sure to be mine that night. But some things are the same around the world – I was being taken out for dinner and the clients were going to choose an expensive place that they wouldn’t normally go to on their own dime. And so they chose – SEAFOOD! In Kansas Fucking City, we went to a fucking seafood restaurant! “Oh, you’re from New York, you like fish, right?” I wanted to say, “yeah, and we have great fish restaurants in New York and I’ve come to KC for some fucking Q, all right?” But I had to be nice about it. Flew out early the next day, so no chance to find some place on my own. And can’t think of any reason that I’ll ever be going back there.

Sort of like a couple of trips back in Tokyo when I was taken out for dinner and my hosts were so excited that we were going to Lawrys, and of course all I wanted was some very fatty tuna. Of course it was an excellent meal, but still.

Yeah, I know, my life is so tough.