Holy Cow

Phil Rizzuto died, 89 years old. A great baseball player, a great baseball announcer, and let’s not forget Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

And Tony Wilson died. 56 years old. Would watch 24 Hour Party People again in his memory except the DVD’s at home and I ain’t.

Lee Hazlewood’s gone too. And Merv Griffin.

And me? I ain’t feeling so great, slowly feeling better. Emphasis on the word “slowly.”

Scorsese’s Rolling Stones movie has been pushed back from September to April. Paramount’s saying the reason is to give the Stones time to complete the current tour so they can help promote the movie.

It ain’t only here: AT&T hosted a live webcast of a Pearl Jam concert and cut out the sound when Eddie Vedder started improvising some anti-George Bush lyrics. AT&T is now saying it was a “major mistake.”

HBO has canceled John From Cincinnati. They have decided to go with Alan Ball’s (Six Feet Under) new vampire series.

Last night was gonna watch Inland Empire, but the DVD player in my hotel was having a problem with the disc. Very Lynchian, in some obscure way, no?

So instead I watched the first disc from the recent 4 disc release Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang. I don’t really care how old they are or that they haven’t had a decent new song in 20 years. I’ll watch Keef any time. And my appreciation for Ron Wood continues to grow.

Then Ratatouille, which was pretty close to perfection. One thing that Pixar and Brad Bird continue to prove is when you have a great script, your animated movie could be black and white line drawings and would still entertain.

Then the Comedy Central Roast 0f Flavor Flav – the whole time I sat there thinking to myself, why am I watching this? Though there were a couple of funny lines here and there. “Chuck D’s not here tonight because the ‘D’ stands for ‘Dignity.'” Boooyyyy!

Last but not least No Reservations – Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Sao Paolo. Sometimes I idolize him, sometimes I feel his schtick is starting to wear thin, but he even managed to make a mortadella sandwich look good in this episode. The bull testicles – not so much.

Okay, gonna get dressed and head out in search of …. something, no idea what.