Counting down

Well, just one night left to my trip, back home late Saturday.

Today the stitches came out and I instantly felt 150% better. Have to return in December to complete the work but the most painful bits are done.

Found a decent Japanese restaurant along Silom – they did a nice rainbow roll with fresh avocado that worked nicely for me. Then a quick stop over at MBK. I got the DVD of a Thai concert that I think is the one they’re always showing over at Thai Delight on Lockhart. Plus a couple of pairs of knock-off jeans with different designs by Ed Hardy on the back pockets. Then over to a friend’s shop for a haircut.

With Jimmy Wong in Beijing, I can’t finish off my King Crimson tattoo this trip. But I don’t feel nice about asking someone else to color in what he started, I’ll wait. I did talk to his daughter Joy last night about having her do something small for me and if she’s not busy tonight perhaps I’ll do that. I want an “om” … somewhere … not sure where … combine with a yinyang maybe?

I’ve had better trips to Bangkok, I’ve had far worse ones. But today I’m feeling quite peaceful.